Brent Clawson Producer/Mixing Engineer

My name is Brent Clawson and I am a producer, mixing engineer, and musician based in Orange County Califorinia with 16 years of experience. I have been fortunate to work with many talented musicians and tour the US, Europe, and Japan as a musician myself.

I’ve worked mostly with rock, punk, and metal bands but am open to working on any musical genre. If you’d like to contact me about mixing, mastering or recording/production, please email me at

Some of the Bands I’ve worked with: Wednesday 13 (Joseph Poole – Murderdolls), Bullets and Octane, Story of the Year, The Knives, Hell or Highwater (Brandon Saller – Atreyu), Guttermouth, Nations Afire (Chris Chasse – Rise Against), Warner Drive, No For An Answer, Samuel Larsen (Glee), Black President (Roy Mayorga – Stone Sour, Charlie Paulson – Goldfinger)

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